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Dakotaraptor sensing the presence of a Chamops.

Scent is a gameplay mechanic of Saurian. Currently, the scent is practiced while pressing 'E' in the computer's keyboard. When that key is pressed, the player will start to see clouds of different colours, as the borders of the screen become darker. The coloured clouds represent the odor that some animals leave behind and can be indicative that a certain animal was in the spot where the cloud remains or that the animal is currently in the cloud.

Scent particles vary in colour and in size, and have different meanings. Yellow/Orange scent particles indicate the presence of carnivores. Palaeosaniwa, Acheroraptor, older Dakotaraptor and Tyrannosaurus produce wide, lighter clouds of this colour, while baby/juvenile Dakotaraptor produce smaller, more concentrated clouds. Green clouds also vary in size, being the small ones indicative of the presence of Chamops, while the large ones correspond to herbivorous dinosaurs, like Thescelosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus, Triceratops and ornithomimids. Purple clouds show the existence of dead bodies. Small animals, like Chamops, Palaeosaniwa and ornithurans, are seen in a blue outline that reveals their presence, and this is useful to know if the animal is behind an obstacle. Some animals do not release sensible scent particles, like crocodylomorphs and Basilemys.

Scent particles are only visible to a certain range. The player may have to press 'E' several times as you change position, so that you can see the scent clouds of the new position you have moved to.