Latest in-game rendition of Hell Creek.[1]

"Bone Butte is the name given to a fossil site located in the north-west corner of South Dakota. The sediments forming this site were deposited by an ancient river some 66 million years ago, within the last few thousands of years of the Late Cretaceous. The site is part of a larger geological formation known as the Hell Creek Formation, which stretches throughout Montana, the Dakotas and Wyoming."

― Saurian encylopedia

Hell Creek is the main setting of the video game Saurian. Geographically located in the American northwest, it yields fossils of some of the most famous dinosaurs, such as Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus. In particular, Saurian takes place in a fossil site of the Hell Creek Formation referred to as Bone Butte, the location where Dakotaraptor was discovered.[2]

Hell Creek is currently the only location featured in Saurian, however, the developers have stated that the Two Medicine Formation with Gorgosaurus and Styracosaurus (Rubeosaurus under its invalid classifcation Styracosaurus ovatus) as playable dinosaurs will be made if their Kickstarter campaign reaches $300K.[3] The Duluth News Tribute has also reported that if the base game retains a fervent audience, future versions will feature locations based on other fossil formations, such as the Morrison Formation.[4]


A variety of animals are known from the Hell Creek Formation, and a lot will be found in the game of Saurian:

Other animals from this formation were considered for appearance in the game but were eventually scrapped:

Other animals from the Hell Creek Formation have been shown only in concept art designs, like in the official game's artbook, but their future presence in the game is unknown:

Other animals will be present in the game, but their real life presence in the Hell Creek Formation is dubious or speculative:

Other animals were considered for appearance in the game but were scrapped, because they were absent in the Hell Creek Formation:

Other animals, not known from the Hell Creek Formation, are also known just through concept art designs, but their real-life presence in the game is unknown:

Many other animals lived in the Hell Creek Formation but they are not known to be even considered for appearance in the game. Some marine invertebrates, like the ammonites are absent in the game, but were very common back in the Mesozoic. A huge variety of bony fish existed in Hell Creek, like sturgeons, bowfins, paddlefish and the extinct Belonostomus, but currently there's only the gar Lepisosteus. Cartliaginous fish like carpet sharks and guitarfish were also present, beyond the currently confirmed Lonchidion. Amphibians currently confirmed for the game are only the giant salamander Habrosaurus, as other small amphibians are left out (despite their inclusion in the artbook). Other dinosaurs from Hell Creek weren't included, possibly due to the fact that they were irrelevant for the gameplay, rare in Hell Creek or not present in the Bone Butte region. Sphaerotholus was a small pachycephalosaur whose appearance would be unnecessary given that Pachycephalosaurus is present. Tatankaceratops, Torosaurus and Triceratops horridus don't appear due to the existence of Triceratops prorsus. The inclusion of Anzu in the game makes the appearance of Leptorhynchos unnecessary. Potamornis was very simillar to Brodavis making it's inclusion needless. Other avialans were not included in the game, like Avisaurus and ichthyornitheans. A huge variety of turtles are known from Hell Creek, but the game leaves out the ones who are more relevant, specially the ones which are big enough to be relevant in a dinosaur-centered game, like the 1-1,5 meter long Basilemys and Axestemys. Squamates variety on the game is significantly reduced to leave the most relevant members, therefore too small lizards and snakes are left out. A large variety of mammals in Hell Creek was diminute, so the game leaves us with significantly larger species of mammals, like Meniscoessus and Didelphodon.


Behind the scenesEdit

The Hell Creek Formation was chosen by the developers because it was where Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus lived, both which are famous dinosaurs.[11]

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