Denversaurus is a genus of herbivorous nodosaurid ankylosaurian dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous (late Maastrichtian) of western North America. Although treated as a junior synonym of Edmontonia by some workers, subsequent research indicates that it is a distinct nodosaurid genus.

In 2010, Gregory S. Paul estimated the length of Denversaurus at six meters (19.7 feet), and its weight at three tons (6,000 lbs).

Bakker considered Denversaurus distinct from Edmontonia and in having a skull wide at the rear, with a more rearward position of the eye sockets. The holotype skull has a length of 496 millimetres and a rear width of 346 millimetres. In the referred specimen AMNH 3076 these proportions are less extreme, measuring 395 by 220 millimetre. According to Carpenter, the greater width was due to crushing. The study by Burns concluded that Denversaurus was different from Edmontonia but similar to Panoplosaurus in having inflated, convex, cranial sculpturing with visible sulci, or troughs, between individual top skull armour elements, but is distinct from Panoplosaurus in having a relatively wider snout.

It could be that the armour was primarily for defence against theropods like Tyrannosaurus and Dakotaraptor,‭ ‬which would have only been able to bite down from above. The spikes would've made it difficult to get close without a carnivore impaling its snout,‭ ‬and the sacral armour prevented a bite to the sacrum that could have paralysed Denversaurus.‭ ‬If the tail was also a defensive weapon,‭ ‬the sacral armour would have helped to prevent a predator from disabling its defence.

In Saurian Edit

Denversaurus is expected to appear in Saurian as an AI. It is portrayed with thick armor and osteoderms. Its' color is purple with white stripes and a yellow underbelly for display.

It was once considered as one of the playable bonus animals, but lost after a poll revealed the preference of Ankylosaurus to the fans. Denversaurus was the least voted herbivore, right before Anatosaurus and Ankylosaurus.