Chamops is an extinct genus of lizard that lived in the Late Cretaceous and was most likely an omnivore due to it's blunt teeth. It was part of the extinct group Polyglyphanodontia. The group was once thought to be closely related to whiptails, but recent research suggests that it has a close relationship with Iguanas.

In Saurian Edit

Chamops is portrayed with a red head, foot, and neck and black on the rest of the body. It's only functions are for ambiance and a little snack for small or young carnivores.

Though Chamops is currently only known from a design sheet by Chris Masnaghetti, it is still planned to be in the game as of the September 19, 2016, livestream.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Excrepted from the chat log of Part 1 of the September 17, 2016 livestream at 0:50:56:
    hitchcockzoo: "Any other lizards other than [Palaeosaniwa]? I know you guys planned Chamops, but is it still in the game?
    SaurianGame\s: [S]till there.

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