The Bone Butte Bird, is a non-playable ornithurine[1] bird in Saurian.


There have been multiple birds belonging to Ornithurae uncovered from the Hell Creek Formation and they are noteworthy component of the ecosystem of the Bone Butte site in South Dakota.[2] This bird, in particular, appears to be based on an ornithurine shorebird that was discovered in the Bone Butte. The specimen is nearly complete and would have the size of a small duck in life. DePalma (2010) reports that the specimen is currently under further study in preparation for the specimen to receive a description.[2]


Just as its name suggests, it lives around the waterways of Bone Butte region.

In SaurianEdit

The Bone Butte bird appears in SaurianIt is portrayed with feathers on pretty much all of the body, including wings on the forearms and a tail fan on the tail. Its' color is mainly white with back wings and markings on its' back and tail, red feet, and a mix of red, yellow, and black on its' beak. The Bone Butte bird serves as a potential food item for the player, but it is hard to catch once the bird spots the player and flies away.


It appears that originally the bird was to be Cimolopteryx, a similar ornithurine which has been found in the Late Maastrichtian Lance Formation of Wyoming and possibly the Hell Creek Formation as well.[3] It had been previously been featured in concept art made by RJ "Arvalis" Palmer.

Notes and referencesEdit

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