"Not actually a Ficus but a laurel. Genetic evidence suggests that Cretaceous laurels forms represent a primitive radiation separate from most modern forms, to which the only living representatives are two rare tropical genera (Neocinnamomum and Caryodaphnopsis)."

― Saurian encylopedia

"Ficus" planicostata is a member of the family Lauraceae, the laurel family. The laurel family is mostly consisted by aromatic evergreen trees or shrubs, and the same could be true for this prehistoric plant. However, this aroma may be a signal to the existence of irritating and noxious sap that may not make this plant a good food item for herbivores. However, the avocado is a lauracean, meaning the "Ficus" could theoretically provide oil-rich fruit.

The Neocinnamomum tree, which is possibly related to "Ficus" planicostata, produces red fruits that are eaten by birds, insects, and even humans.