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Should there be a Version that takes place in Cretaceous China

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I'm sure there are plenty of more Chinese formations, more close to the end of the Cretaceous. Yuliangze Formation, for example.
The Yuliangze Formation has too little species, though: not enough to choose some as playable and the rest as non-playable.
Yes I know. For the Cretaceous China, definetly Yixian or Jiufotang formation, they are extremelly complete. Yuliangze Formation and Ulansuhai Formation are very little in terms of fossil variety, but they are from China and from the Cretaceous, so they can be considered. Although I doubt that the Yixian biota would be left behind for those small formations, obviously.
Chinese Cretaceous Fossil Formations:

Yixian Formation (Psittacosaurus, Sinornithosaurus, Yutyrannus)
Dabeigou Formation (Eoconfuciusornis)
Dashuigou Formation (Probactrosaurus)
Ejinhoro Formation (Psittacosaurus, Wuerhosaurus)
Iren Dabasu Formation (Gigantoraptor, Neimongosaurus)
Jiufotang Formation (Psittacosaurus, Microraptor)
Minhe Formation (Microceratus, Protoceratops)
Tugulu Group (Dsungaripterus, Wuerhosaurus, Kelmayisaurus)
Xiagou Formation (Gansus, Yumenornis, Qiliania, Jiuquanornis)
Xinminbao Group (Beishanlong, Microceratus, Equijubus)
Yuliangze Formation (Charonosaurus, Sahaliyania)
Raptorex is also from the Iren Dabasu Formation, although there are rumors that it could be a juvenile Tarbosaurus. Just saying.
Candidates for which dinos were to be playable in the Yixian Formation, I would say:

Jinzhousaurus (an hadrosauroid)
Psittacosaurus (a primitive ceratopsian)
Liaoningosaurus (an omnivorous ankylosaur)
Changyuraptor (a large gliding microraptorine)
Jianianhualong (a troodontid)
Sinornithosaurus (the microraptorine sometimes believed to have been venomnous)
Zhenyuanlong (a land-dwelling dromaeosaur)
Beipiaosaurus (an early therizinosaur)
Caudipteryx (an early oviraptorosaur)
Dilong (a small tyrannosaur)
Shenzhousaurus (a small ornithomimosaur)
Sinocalliopteryx (a large compsognathid)
Sinosauropteryx (a smaller compsognathid)
Yutyrannus (a large tyrannosaur)
Dongbeititan (a sauropod)
A. For the list of Chinese Cretaceous Formations, you forgot the Xingezhuang Formation, home of the Sinoceratops, Shantungosaurus, Huaxiaosaurus, and Zhuchengtyrannus. Just saying.

Also, for your reply of playable dinosaurs, that’s a little too much. We need six dinosaurs, like in Hell Creek and the proposed Two Medicine (four main, two bonus). I would go for...



What do you think?
Yes, you're right, the Xingezhuang Formation. It's not very complete, but we've got Sinoceratops, some hadrosaurs and the tyrannosaur Zhuchengtyrannus.
Yet, the list I made was the list of candidates not really the list of playables I would finally place. Personally, I would put it this way.



Yutyrannus is a definite yes, and the same goes for Psittacosaurus. However, I would replace Bolong for Jinzhousaurus, given that it was larger, and I would place it in the main playables. Sinocalliopteryx is in the main playables because it is the second largest carnivorous dinosaur in the region, but it is in competition with other medium-sized carnivores, like Zhenyuanlong and Dilong. For the bonus, I would place Dongbeititan, the obligatory sauropod, and Changyuraptor. Changyuraptor is replaced by Sinornithosaurus due to the fact that it is larger.
Plus, Sinornithosaurus classification as a venomous animal is dubious. The assumption that Sinornithosaurus was venomous is due to it's grooved teeth, which, despite being present in some modern-day venomous animals, it was also present in non-venomous animals, for example baboons and even other dromaeosaurids like Velociraptor. So considering Sinornithosaurus as venomous is not a solid conclusion, but rather speculation, as of yet.
Well, size isn’t everything; just because a dinosaur that is bigger than another dinosaur doesn’t really mean that the bigger dinosaur deserves to be playable. It is because of Howe interesting that smaller dinosaur is.

And as for Sinornithosaurus, yes I know that the venom is speculation, but it would be pretty cool to see it in action as the main playable.

I’d prefer my list of playable dinosaurs, but your list is pretty cool too.
I say the playables should be large because it should focus on a large creature perspective. The playable can't be too small. Besides, if you play as a young Changyuraptor or young Jinzhousaurus, you would be way smaller than the adult ones and could experience different game perspectives as you age.

As for Sinornithosaurus venom, as speculative as it is, it would probably be very mild, being only used for small prey, if the said venom actually existed in the dinosaur. Dinosaurs don't have the evolutionary requirements for the development of neurotoxins, like the ones found on snakes and monitor lizards, so if Sinornithosaurus had venom, it would be one of a kind, given that no other venomous dinos are known.
If a real-life Saurian game was made around the Yixian Formation, Sinornithosaurus most likely wouldn't have a venomous bite but, as a reference to it, Sinornithosaurus could be added with speculative poisonous feathers, simillar to a modern-day pitohui bird. If you don't know, a pitohui is a small bird that lives in the New Guinea, and is known due to it's toxicity, thanks to their diet composed of poisonous animals or plants. Sinornithosaurus could have had poisonous feathers and meat due to a poisonous diet, and it would be lethal for any unlucky predator who decides to take a bite on it. But this is full speculation right now, but a very interesting gameplay characteristic.
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